Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want New Edge Satellite to handle the sales and installation of my DIRECTV system over calling the national 800 number?

New Edge Satellite prides itself on local service and support. The technician that does your installation is the same technician assigned to your service call. That way the person with knowledge of your business is the person sent to fix any issues in a timely fashion. There is no dealing with multiple out of the area technicians. The same can be said about our sales staff. The sales person assigned to your account is always your first point of contact. That way when you call to sign up, you will always deal with one person, not the first person that picks up the phone in an out of state call center.

I have phone and internet through my cable provider. Do I have to switch them to get DIRECTV service?

No, in most instances you have the option. You can continue to bundle your phone and internet with your current provider. You can then choose to have your TV service provided by DIRECTV. This usually doesn’t result in any increase because you are still in a bundle with two services from your cable provider. In other cases we can help quote you on switching your phone and internet to AT&T.

Does DIRECTV go out during the rain?

No, DIRECTV provides 99.7% signal reliability. Large restaurant chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Red Lobster trust DIRECTV with every one of there restaurants.

We are not a sports bar, do we need to have DIRECTV?

Yes, you are at a huge advantage using DIRECTV in your business. DIRECTV provides a very cost effective solution to have all your sports channels in once place. While not everyone in your business wants to watch sports, it is important to give your customers the option to check the scores of their favorite teams. That being said, DIRECTV is not just for sports. We offer award winning programming to suit any need.

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