Music to Your Ears with DIRECTV

Crystal-clear sound, no interruptions, and all of your favorite music at the click of a button – SonicTap lets you create a soundtrack for your business giving customers the ultimate experience.

Elevate your business’s atmosphere, make wait-times feel shorter, or simply help your employees stay motivated throughout the day with top channels and music from DIRECTV’s SonicTap. Whether you’re looking for the smooth classics, or good old rock ‘n’ roll, SonicTap has an extensive music lineup with channels to fit your every mood.


Information on SonicTap and ASCAP/BMI

Thank you for your interest in DIRECTV and the SonicTap® music service! We’re confident that you and your customers will enjoy DIRECTV programming and know that SonicTap will enhance your business.

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with guidelines regarding performance rights related to the use of SonicTap music channels. The following, we hope, will answer many of your questions.

  1. If you are currently paying performing rights to ASCAP and/or BMI for music use and you will be completely replacing the former music service(s) (i.e., jukebox, tape machines, etc.) with the SonicTap music service, you must notify ASCAP and BMI that you are discontinuing use of these former sources of music and subscribing to SonicTap. SonicTap Music will be paying for performing rights as provided below.
  2. Please understand that SonicTap pays the performing rights for SonicTap music channels only. The payment of performing rights for all other music sources that you use in your place of business, such as live music, jukeboxes, DJs/VJs, Karaoke, music through your TV, music delivered from DIRECTV programming services other than SonicTap music channels and all others, is still your responsibility.
  3. The agreement between SonicTap and ASCAP and BMI covers the use of SonicTap music service within your premise as “background / mood” music only. If the SonicTap music service is used as a compliment to a service offering, you will have to pay ASCAP and BMI for that usage. Music used as a compliment to a service offering is described as music that is used as the primary source of entertainment, such as for dancing or exercise classes.
  4. The agreement between SonicTap and ASCAP and BMI does not cover music licensing fees for any premise to which admission or cover is charged or any ballroom, discotheque, dance studio, skating rink, bowling alley or other premise where dancing, skating, aerobic or other forms similar forms of entertainment or physical activity occurs even if admission is not charged.
  5. Use of SonicTap Music Channels for music “onhold” is covered under our agreement with ASCAP and BMI.
    We hope this clarifies what is and is not covered under by the use of the SonicTap music service.

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